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How to Wash Your Silk Scarf
Washing your scarf is a part of the care process. It’s best to hand wash your scarf and never put it in a washer or dryer. Hand washing with the right detergent will keep the fibres in good condition for much longer. Always manipulate the scarf gently and respect the weave of the silk, as harsh application can cause damage to this delicate fabric. You should never wring the silk to remove water. Simply place it inside a folded or two horizontal towels and press together, to remove the excess water.

Air Drying & Ironing the Silk Scarf
Hang your silk scarf to air dry and never put it in tumble dryer. Iron or steam your silk scarf to restore lustre and sheen of the silk. Use your iron's delicate or lowest heat setting. Iron on the reverse side of your garment. If you need to iron directly on the front, place a cotton cloth over the area to protect the silk.

Choosing the Right Type of Detergent
We recommend using a specialist silk detergent sunch as non-biological detergent as silk is naturally hypoallergenic, you would not want to cancel these properties by adding detergent which may cause allergic reactions.

How to Tackle Stains
To avoid water marks or localised discolourations, pretreat the stain with a gentle specialist silk detergent and then hand wash the scarf in cold water. If you do not feel confident to tackle a stain or mark, you can always seek professional dry cleaners for special care of your silk scarf. Even if you pretreat a specific stain or mark, always wash the whole scarf as you complete the task.

Storing Your Silk Scarf
The best way to store your silk scarf is to keep it in great value signature Andfils packaging in which the scarf was delivered to you. It should be kept away from any spaces that are damp. If you need to repel moths, use natural lavender rather than mothballs.

How to Make Your Silk Scarf Last
If you love your silk scarf, you're going to want it to last for as long as possible. To make that happen, always follow the Care instructions and never use harsh chemicals on it.

Final Care Advice
Silk is a natural, luxury fabric and like all things natural they must be treated with care and respect to ensure longevity. The best way to view silk is as if it were your skin, and looking after it in the gentle way you would for yourself. Silk is made naturally by silkworms, and offers much protection to the skin in a gentle way. Silk scarves can protect the skin from the weather as well as allergies caused by reaction to synthetics and more. The weaving process builds strength into the silk, which unless respected will cause damage. However, if you follow the guidance above your silk scarf will serve you well for many years.