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Silk, the epitome of natural fiber allure, effortlessly embodies a harmonious fusion of luminosity, resilience, longevity, comfort, and undeniable elegance. It stands as the ultimate symbol of opulence, owing to its meticulously crafted production, tantalizingly soft texture, and inherently refined aesthetics. Little wonder it reigns supreme as the textile of choice in the realms of high-end and couture fashion.

The natural fibers in silk possess outstanding properties that let you rock your silk pieces for longer stretches without washing. Thanks to its moisture-wicking abilities and antibacterial magic, silk keeps you feeling fresh, allowing you to savor those fabulous moments.

Our 100% pure mullberry silk fabric has a 6A grade which is the highest and the finest quality silk available in the marketplace. Instead of silk made from silk fibers, it is the raw silk that can be graded and it is selected from the biggest and the purest cocoon. Our print ink is chemically harmless and has OEKO-tex certificate. Each scarf is carefully hemmed by hand with the silk thread.

Along vivid visuals, that is what makes these pieces an heirloom which will last through decades.