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Silk is a natural fiber known for its luster, strength, durability, comfort and elegance. It's a representation of luxury due to its high cost to produce, soft feel and elegant appearance so it's a popular textile in high-end and couture fashion design. The natural fibers in silk have excellent properties that will prolong the time you can wear it without washing, considering that silk is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.  The earliest example of silk fabric comes from China where it dominated the silk industry for many years. Initially the material was reserved for the Emperor. The Chinese used silk as a form of currency and cost was measured in lengths of silk.

Our 100% pure mullberry silk fabric has a 6A grade which is the highest and the finest quality silk available in the marketplace. Instead of silk made from silk fibers, it is the RAW SILK that can be graded and it is selected from the biggest and the purest cocoon. Our print ink is chemically harmless and has OEKO-tex certificate. Each scarf is carefully hemmed by hand with the silk thread.

Along vivid visuals, that is what makes these pieces an heirloom which will last through decades.